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June 1, 2015 / judithaustinmills

Finishing Those Bones at Goliad…and discovering friends!

BonesAtGoliad Cover -V2    Here’s the cover for Those Bones at Goliad, sequel to How Far Tomorrow. Not quite the traditional sequel, the narrative begins well before the Texas Revolution and concludes years after. I figured with the first book I’d spent my passion for the less told characters and events of Texas history. But I was pulled back in by the mystery of a Mississippi boy, last traced to the fierce battle at Refugio. Learning about a Georgia father of three who made it home after the nightmare demise of Fannin’s men, I could not leave his story untold. The Texas flag was designed by a woman, and the Texas archives were defended by a woman…but who did these two count as their friends?….I could say that Shelby Whitmire is an imagined character, but don’t ask fiction writers if their protagonists feel…real. Shelby, too, never thought he would leave Mississippi, and he would never have foreseen his adulthood unfolding in Texas…Don’t ask fiction writers to stop free-associating either, because it’s a Neil Young song coming to mind about Shelby and Texas…”all his changes were there.”

****** FOUND Friends! FOUND Virtual Siblings! in the quest to give Georgia Battalion men the place they deserve in Texas history…Please visit the website: 

The Georgia Battalion Project: This is a beautiful and wonderfully informative website researched and set up by two descendants of ANOTHER little known battalion survivor–James Peter Trezevant. I cannot believe my good fortune in making connections/having conversations with Robert Trezevant and Richard Allen. We are three far-flung Texas history buffs…no, fanatics…determined to wrest from the shadows the deeds of remarkable independence volunteers…Yep, I’m already seeing scenes when I sleep..another novel is hatching!



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