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December 26, 2015 / judithaustinmills

Those Bones at Goliad receives a 4 Star Rating from San Fransisco Book Review

San Fransisco   * * * * 4/5

BOOK REVIEW      “Those Bones at Goliad”  is a book by Judith Austin Mills that humanizes the brutal struggle to form the Republic of Texas…Readers may have believed that the war for Texas’ independence was a solitary one. Mills expands our range through educating us about the states that contributed men and valor to the fight for Texas…(The author)2015-11-14 12.00.41did a great deal of research in developing this sequel (to How FarTomorrow).”

“Mills succeeds in telling the story of America through Texas.  Easy reading makes it comfortable to savor the contents of the novel. Most of all, it is the story of our country that makes this work so compelling. All too often, history is not seen as being human…This book does not give in to the unexpected. This book alters the course of chronicling an historical event.”



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