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May 15, 2016 / judithaustinmills

Letting the Hamilton craze uplift me…

Somebody's grandson dressed as--no not Hamilton--Paul Revere. Thank you, thank you, oh innovative teachers all across this land!

Somebody’s grandson dressed as–no not Hamilton–Paul Revere. Thank you, thank you, oh innovative teachers all across this land!

So easy to predict the DEMISE of American Democracy these days, except for signs that a RENAISSANCE might just as easily be on its way. This is the uplifted state of mind I enjoyed after finally watching Lin-Manuel Miranda’s interview with PBS’ Jeffrey Brown. In researching for and drafting Those Bones at Goliad in 2011, I wondered whether info I’d learned about a key non-fictional character could work into my narrative—Thomas Weeks, who was among the first to die at the battle of Refugio, after the Alamo and before Goliad, had a father with a dark history. The elder Weeks went on trial for murder in New York and was successfully defended by ALEXANDER HAMILTON AND AARON BURR. Would these two last names have been on the minds and tongues of common people in the early 1800’s? (Okay, see Chapter 1 of TBG.)

What makes me giddy about Miranda’s accomplishment and its lasting impact is that a renaissance sweeps along and benefits the masses, even obscure creative folks like me! (All right, time to note that Those Bones at Goliad is accepted as a Historical Novel Society listing and that it now shows up on the Manhattan Book Review site as well!)


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