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More Fiction…historical/contemporary fiction, contrasting in tone

I have considered going by two different versions of my literary name…Judith Austin Mills for my dignified, respectful historical fiction manuscripts…and, well, something else along those lines for my contemporary short stories and novels…

There appears to be no rush, though, so I’ll just advise any fans out there that some who enjoy my historical genre may not be so keen on my more modern settings and characters….and vice versa.

***Soon, the short story “Lost Autumn Blues” will appear here in parts or in its entirety.

*** Other stories from the collection by the same title include, “Secrets of the Dogwatch Man,” “For Elise,” “Circle Whenever,” “Short Stack,” “Moon River,” and “Matinee,” the last story having been published by The Nebraska Review.

*** Other novels by Judith Austin Mills include these manuscript titles:

Die Moo Pie : a dysfunctional urban high school is the unlikely, and dangerous, setting for a gifted poet and determined entrepreneur.

Follow It Down: in the early seventies, there’s more than war affecting interaction and discovery in one university neighborhood.

Tripping Home: a small-town teenager is cheerfully resigned to a bland  future until her informal mentor rigs a new car raffle in her favor, and she has to learn reverse as well as forward.

       The author is actively querying agents and publishers regarding the titles above.


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